I am the mom of a 10 year old son with Cystic Fibrosis (Ty) and an 11 year old son without CF (Bran). This is my journey as I balance Ty's needs while giving Bran the love and attention he deserves.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Clinic Visit

Our clinic visit was yesterday, we were excited to see how high Ty's PFTs (lung function) were. We were also going to get his PICC line removed since the doctor allowed us to keep it for an extra week. Ty did his lung function test and could only get up to 44%.  He struggled with pushing air out and would start coughing pretty quickly. He turned around and looked at me and said he didn't have any air in his chest and that it was hard to breathe.   That hurt.

From that point until the doctor walked in I knew that we were in big trouble. I could hear the doctor talking about Ty in the hallway, saying he had never seen anyone drop half their lung function in just 1 week. He even went and talked to the PFT guy to make sure he had done the test right. Ty was given 4 puffs of Albuterol and the test was repeated. His 1st blow was his best @ 51% and he went downhill from there.

We were immediately admitted into the hospital and a few things were added to our treatment schedule. We're now doing oxygen, prednisone and tobramycin.

Confession time:  I've always seen our CFers with oxygen on but let me tell ya, it takes on a whole new meaning when you see your own son with it. It hurts, it ties my stomach in knots and it gives me a much deeper appreciation for fellow CF families and patients.

Overnight Ty's oxygen level dipped to 88 and 89. With the oxygen he's back up to 97.

That's all for now.


  1. I am so sorry to hear that he got admitted. And I know what you mean about the oxygen even though my Courtney has only had to have it a few times why in club med and 3 of those times is when we was 10-12 months old..

  2. I am sorry to hear you are in the hospital and that his PFT's are so down. Here is some good doesn't mean it is permanent. Kaleb blew 51% from 75% in February when he got sick. He is back up to 75% as of today!!! Praying for your son and you guys!

  3. Thanks for the feedback ladies! The doc are pretty confident that we'll get Ty's numbers back up. I hope you and your CFers are doing well!!!!

  4. Jessie,
    Thanks for your suggestion on my blog a few weeks ago. I took your advice and now have my own symptom notebook. That was a great idea! I have also enjoyed reading your blog. I'm praying that Ty's PFTs are better soon! Thanks for your candid thoughts!

  5. I am so sorry that he ended up in the hospital. I will definitely be praying for you and your family!


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